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Tangle Angel

TANGLE ANGEL 2.0 Lovely Pastel Detangling Hair Brush [Original Size]

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RM 89.00
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RM 0.00
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RM 89.00

Product Description

✅Memory-Flex - bristle configuration allows more space for the bristles to move in, helping to separate knots even more effectively. It also improves bristle penetration through the hair strands enhancing the massaging effect on the scalp.
✅Anti-static - earthing strip reduces frizz and flyaway hair
✅Ergonomic design - for easy hold and control
✅Antibacterial - for healthy hair and scalp
✅Heat resistant (up to 120°C) for use with a hairdryer
✅Water-resistant - Ideal for use on wet hair and in the shower, pool or beach
✅ Innovative design - Beautiful to look at, easy to use and highly functional.
✅Rubberised foot gives the brush a stable standing base.
Designed for: Detangling, Wet/ Dry hair
Suitable for ALL hair types

【Tangle Angel Brush】 英国天使魔法梳 2.0升级版 这梳子不仅外形漂亮,功能还特别多哦! 就连英国凯特王妃也爱用哦!
✅高度不同的交叉分布的梳齿 - 解决头发打结问题,减低拉扯
✅抗菌材质 - 5. 耐用,易清理 6. 可以按摩头皮