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Cell Fusion C

CELL FUSION C First Cooling Mask | Cica Cooling Mask 5ea

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Product Description

Cell Fusion C First Cooling Mask (5PCS)

An excellent choice of mask for cooling down during summer! It helps to lower skin temperatures for 5 degrees while nourishing with nutrients and moisture.Product Features:• Cooling effects: the watery and cooling texture helps to lower the skin temperature by 5 degrees, which is suitable and comfortable to use during summer.• Nourishing and repairing: it helps to repair skin after outdoor activities and sunburnt by soothing and replenishing moisture on skin.• Skin-friendly: the non-menthol formula is not irritating to skin. Implementing with chamomile and pycnogenol, redness and damage of skin is soothed and repaired.

• Azulenol™, Pycnogenol: stabilizing and protecting skin• Vitamin B5: nourishing and repairing• Ceramide: strengthening skin barrier

Cell Fusion C Cica Cooling Mask (27g×5 pcs)

Enriched with Centella asiatica extract, this mask can soothe and repair skin while providing a cooling effect. Also, it helps provide moisture to dry skin, moisturizing for a supple and moist skin!Product features:• Lightweight extract formula contains a total 27g of essence, nourishing skin with rich nutrients.• Contains high concentration of Centella asiatica extract that helps to increase the skin's protective layer and repair fragile skin. It also hydrates skin to soothe red marks, and enhance resistance.• Contains tested Menthol-free ingredients that provide a cooling effect to soothe weak skin.• The Centella asiatica-made mask sheet conforms to the face shape, and helps to carry more essence, allowing nutrients to quickly penetrate to the bottom of the skin for a supple and moisture complexion.

• Centella asiatica extract: soothing, repairing and improving resistance• Menthol-free ingredients: soothing and refreshing skin with a cooling effect

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