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CHANGEFIT Protein Shake 50g - Strawberry & Banana | Sweet Potato Latte | Cocoa | Injeolmi

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RM 15.00

Product Description

Cut your calories down!

Average calories of a meal are about 700kcal > Changefit 150kcal

1. Light calories (150kcal)

- 1/4 the calories of an average meal all you need is water

2. Nutritional Balance- Filling 33% daily protein value

- 11 types of vitamins and minerals

- 5 types of BCAA essential amino acids (Phenylalanine,Methionine,Tryptophan,etc..)

- Filling dietary fiber

- Fish collagen & Hyaluronic acid

3.Essential Amino Acid

- Contains 8 types of essential amino acids that are not created in the body or only a very small amount of which exists in the body and must consequently be ingested through foods.

4. Safety- HACCP

-certified manufacturer with stringent ingredient quality, hygiene management, and monitoring process

🤷‍♂️ How to use?

1. Pour 150 ml of water

2. Close the lid

3. Shake it!

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