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STARBUCKS KOREA Latte Art Set 韩国星巴克 咖啡拿铁卡布奇诺印花拉花模具

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RM 109.00
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RM 109.00

Product Description

This is a latte art set that will beautifully complete your latte or cappucino.

Stencil: 95 x 104 mm / Powder case: 50 x 92 mm in size and comes with 3 different shapes of stencils.

It is a latte art tool that even beginners can easily make, and is a useful product for home parties.

This product cannot be used in a microwave oven or dishwasher. If you use a steel scouring pad for cleaning, the color of the product may come off or damage, so please use a soft sponge to clean it.

There is no separate powder inside the product.

* How to use:

1. Make milk foam and fill the mug with drink to the end.

2. Place the latte art plate on the mug.

3. According to your preference, put cocoa or cinnamon powder into the powder container, hold the container with your left hand, and tilt the container's mouth toward the mug.

Latte art can be completed by lightly tapping the bottom of the barrel with your right hand.

(You can make milk foam with your own former, coffee press, etc.)

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